We help you take home, the enriching and holistic experience of Advanced Ayurveda, validated by Modern Science.

Our Principles

We are authentic in what we Do, we Share and we Care about. Our principles focus on the Collective Growth.

Our Promise

Our promise is on your exuberant and rejuvenating future with us. IndusViva Inc. provides scientific and innovative approach to Ayurveda where every product consists of a blend of standardized herbal extracts chosen to promote wellness and offer a range of nourishing health benefits, Nature intended. We integrate these age-old principles with utmost respect and integrity with an aim to offer individuals a long, healthy and balanced life.

Our Practice

Our Ethics, Transparency and Commitment in fulfilling our promises to you will make you spellbound. We bring together the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the best and advanced practices of in Herbal Health. As a responsible company and knowing the importance of the conservation & sustainability of biological resources, we don’t use rare or endangered or vulnerable herbal species for our IndusViva range of products. At IndusViva, we have strict guidelines to ensure that every Ayurvedic formulation goes through rigorous tests of pharmacology & phyto-chemistry before they are deemed usable.