1 - Retail Profit

Earn $ 40 with IndusViva every time you retail.

2 - Top Retailers Bonus

As a TOP Retailer, you are eligible for the first prize GBU 500, or second, GBU 250 or consolation prize I , II, and III.

3 - Business Opening Bonus

On the first purchase order of your immediate associates, you earn up to $ 20.

4 - Quick Start Bonus

As a quick STAR and the sponsor of two quick STARS, you earn up to $ 60.

5 - Dual team Bonus

When your organization places GV consistently, you receive your Dual Team Bonus I and II.

6 - Rank Maintenance Bonus

Upon maintaining the rank criteria in the subsequent week of qualifying/re-qualifying, you are eligible for Rank Maintenance Bonus.

7 - Royalty

Royalty is our gratitude to your co-applicant for the incredible support. Upon becoming an Executive Diamond with IndusViva, you become eligible for GBU 500.

8 - Elite Business Bonus

Grow with Us! When you become a Black Diamond Ambassador, you receive 3 more organizations parallel to your left and right organizations.

9 - Ambassador's Pool Bonus

As a Black Diamond Ambassador and above, you will be rewarded from the 1% of the total annual US turnover accumulated to Ambassador’s Pool on regard of your commitment.

10 - Surprise Reward Program

Luxurious life with IndusViva is incomplete if we are not setting your feet up in the air! Fly high with us through Surprise Reward Programs.

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