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The Premium Products of IndusViva INC. is here to revolutionize the wellness consciousness of the World.

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iVed is a polyherbal formulation based on Ancient Indian Ayurvedic wisdom and propelled by Modern Science. iVed possesses a blend of traditional Ayurvedic formulations based on the age-old principles of Rasayana (Rejuvenation) and Vyadhikshamatwa (Natural Immunity) which exerts positive health to the human body.

iVed contains 50 time tested and evidenced based herbal ingredients derived from four composite Ayurvedic formulations namely.

Immune Health Supplement

  • Saraswatha Churnam
  • Bilwadi Leyham
  • Parthadyarishtam
  • Pancha Nimba Churnam

These composite formulations with aforesaid herbal ingredients are found in the 5000-year-old lexicons of Ayurveda. They are also documented in the Ayurvedic Formulary (Federal Formulary) and Pharmacopoeia of India as monographs. iVED is truly a natural and holistic product which supports your health and wellbeing.

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Coffee is the largest consumed brewed beverage around the world. I-Coffee is the revolutionary product from IndusViva which helps support your healthy blood sugar levels.

i-Coffee is a premium blend of coffee extracted from superior coffee beans sourced from Coorg in Karnataka. i-Coffee is a unique composition of botanical extracts: Salcital, Coffee bean and Mucuna. Salcital understands the body’s requirement of carbohydrates and blocks excess carbohydrates whereas synthetic medicines can only reduce the blood sugar levels which can fluctuate according to carbohydrate intake. i-Coffee also contains Mucunapruriens, commonly called Cowhage, which shows anti-stress and anti-oxidant benefits. Coffee itself contains polyphenols known for their anti oxidant benefits. Replace your regular Coffee with i-Coffee without compromising the authentic taste of coffee.

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